diwali with kids

Diwali For Kids | How To Celebrate Diwali Festival With Your Children?

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. It is celebrated throughout India and the world by Indians all round. It is an occasion of happiness, prosperity and joy. You could say that it is a celebration of good over evil. The highlight of Diwali is that it is celebrated by Hindus, Jain, and Sikh. For Hindus Diwali is a sign of victory over darkness. Jains feel that it is the attainment of nirvana by Mahavira. Sikh represents Diwali as a day of freedom. Different faiths but the celebrations are the same. It is celebrated for few days. The first day is called as Dhanteras, and the men folk purchase clothes and other items for their house.

What is Choti Diwali

Choti Diwali is when Lord Krishna killed Narakashura. Laxmi pooja is celebrated and dedicated to Goddess Laxshmi. Poojas are held in the house and celebrations are held in the evenings. Bhai Duj is part of the celebrations when brother’s visit married sister’s and celebrate the day with them. It is an extremely joyous occasion. What happens on this day? The day starts getting up early. The entire household gets up and cleans up the house together. Once it is done, they have a bath.  They all wear new clothes and perform the pooja. Elders in the house chant the slogas and the pooja are held. Once the pooja gets over, gifts are distributed to each other. The elders gift their children with gifts. They are usually clothes or crackers.

How to Enjoy Diwali with Your Children

Children prefer crackers to burst with their friends. Jain people live in joint families. Here the celebrations are extravagant. Gold and silver is bought at this time because it is auspicious. Brothers can gift their sisters or the
other way is also fine. Married sisters expect their brothers to visit them during this occasion. The entire household gets busy preparing sweets. A wide range of sweets is prepared in the house. There are milk sweets, dry sweets, cashews, and others. The few days of celebrations keep going on. There is no end to it. Children like Diwali because they get the burst crackers. Sparklers and a wide range of crackers are got. They are so many to choose from. Parents should make sure that the right crackers are gifted to their children. Offices usually gift their employees with few crackers to take home and give their children.

Today, several crackers are prepared by manufacturers and are really a sight to behold when burst in the sky. They give out many colors. Diwali for kids is essential as it gives them the much needed break from school activities. They get to spend some time with their relatives and friends. Kids are given their favorite clothes and crackers. They like to dress up and like to light up into the celebrations at night. Schools and offices are normally closed during these days. Both parents and children can spend time together and have some fun.